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Honors & Awards

The VAAT Honors and Awards Committee is currently in the process of developing a Vermont Athletic Trainers Hall of Fame, as well as other awards which will be presented to honor previous and future achievements by State ATC's.
Click Here to Download Award Nomination Forms

VAAT Scholarship: This is a merit based scholarship. Program administrators, faculty and staff from each Athletic Training Program in Vermont will nominate a maximum of two athletic training students annually. Students who have inquires about the process should contact their Program Director for further information.  Click HERE for application packet.

Roger T. Bryant Distinguished Athletic Trainer of the Year Award

This award is presented by the Vermont Association of Athletic Trainers to the Athletic Trainer whose character, commitment and achievements in the profession of Athletic Training exemplify the traits of Roger T. Bryant.  Roger was the long time Head Athletic Trainer and Program Director/founder of the Athletic Training Education Program at UVM from 1965-1992.  Roger was a true friend, educator and mentor to all who knew him and his integrity is unmatched.  He and his wife, Sally, recently passed away this summer, and will truly be missed by all.  This award may or may not be awarded annually.


  • Must be a member of the VAAT in good standing
  • Minimum of 20 years of service to the Athletic Training/Sports Medicine profession.
  • Minimum of 15 years of service in the state of Vermont.
  • Inspires others through his/her dedication, commitment, and work ethic.
  • Has provided outstanding service to their employer and the to profession of Athletic Training.
  • Have, through their actions, helped to create a better environment for their colleagues, athletes/patients, and community.
  • Made significant contributions throughout his/her career to the Athletic Training profession.
  • Promoted the Athletic Training Profession through, but not limited to, student athletic trainers, community service, public relations, state licensing agency or other Allied Health fields.
  • Citizenship; candidate should display qualities that exemplify the highest standards in the profession of Athletic Training.

Nominations will be reviewed by the Awards Committee,selection announced and award presented at the Winter VAAT Meeting.

Excellence in Athletic Training Award  

This award is granted to a Certified Athletic Trainer who made outstanding contributions to the field of Athletic Training.  This award may be given to more than one deserving individual per year.


  • Inspires others through his/her dedication, commitment and work ethic
  • Demonstrates extreme dedication and hard work to profession of Athletic Training in the State of Vermont
  • BOC Certified
  • VAAT member in good standing
  • Citizenship; candidate should display qualities that exemplify the highest standards in the profession of Athletic Training.


Honorary Member Award

  • This is a service award granted to an individual who is not a Certified Athletic Trainer, but has made outstanding contributions to the field and/or profession of athletic training in the state of Vermont.

The mission of the NATA and VAAT is to enhance the quality of health care for the physically active and advance the profession of athletic training
through education and research in prevention, evaluation, management and rehabilitation of injuries. Our mission statement underscores our commitment to education and excellence in athletic training and also emphasizes our dedication to providing quality health care



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